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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 10:35

Postponement  Rules:

Matches will be played as scheduled,   no shows will be considered a walk over.

In Case you need to postpone a match: 

  • your opponent must first agree, 
  • a new date for the match MUST be set,
  • this new date MUST be approved by a 'Follow up Committee' member.

No 1st round matches will be postponed to 2nd round

Any postponed match not within above recommendation will be considered a walk over for both teams.

The Follow up committee reserves its right to reschedule some matches according to need, and will advise all involved. 


Rules of Play

1st rounds (round 1 and 2) are round robin, points are accumulated.
Final Rounds will be knockout: Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and Finals.

We have only 2 Winners this year

  1. Winner Category  R (red)
  2. Winner Category  G and Y  (green & yellow)

Matches are 1 long set, 9 games, with a tie break of 7 points in case of reaching 8-8.
Points are calculated in the following way:
Game Won:  3 pts   - Game Lost: 1 pt      - Walk Over: 0 pt

In case of draw between 2 teams (same points gathered), number of games won (not score difference) will be the decider.
Winning with a large difference (e.g. 9-0) is not important
Losing with a small difference, (getting as many games as possible -when losing-) will make the difference.

For Categories G, Y:
We have 4 groups of 5 teams each competing. (see groups.xls)
Each Category (G, Y) is divided in 2 Groups A, B.

1st to 4th in each Category (e.g.: Y group A), will reach round of 16.
Group G(A) will play against  Y(B) and  G(B) against Y(A)

For Category R:
We have 2 groups competing.
1st to 4th in each group will reach Quarter Final.
1st Group A   will Play 4th in Group B – 2nd in Group A will play against 3rd in Group B




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