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Tuesday, 21 September 2010 10:33

Ramadan 2008 Tournament

We all  play Thursday 11 September, 11 Ramadan! 

We all play the same days,  at  different hours: 8:15 pm , 9:15pm or  10:15 pm.
Once  you  know your  Team  Letter and  Number,  (eg 'G3'  - Green)   you will  know your opponent and  hour of play.(see schedule of play below).
Following are spreadsheet files, you can right click and save to your disk. Or just click and your browser will do it automatically for you Schedule of Play:

Groups / Categories:

We are divided in 3 categories Red and Green / Yellow and seeded in 2 levels only R, and GY.
Each Category is divided in 2 Groups A, B.

Following are the Doubles partners list in their corresponding grouping; Group A or B, and Category: R, G or Y.

We round robin within each category, and within each Group. (Groups do not play each other until the finals rounds)
for example: R Teams in Group A play each others, 4 matches fisrt round, 4 matches return in second round.
1st to 4th nd in Group A will reach Finals Round to play against 4th to 1st in Group B.
See Rules for more details


We have compiled a contact list for you, in case you need to contact your opponents or team members :

This same list is posted on the club board, if your name is not on the list please add it on the board.

Good Luck to all!  Have a Nice Tournament....


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