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Ramadan Tournaments

Our Ramadan tournaments are always very special:

  • All Tournament Matches scheduled by day & hour
  • Its a Social Tournament, see seeding and teams
  • Its all a Volunteer effort organizers and participants!


GSC Tennis Gharbi!

Tennis Gharbi Entrance

This is the Gezira Sporitng Club (GSC) Tennis Gharbi official web site!
The site is there especially to publish names, schedule, results of its yearly Ramadan tournament.
We have been publishing the results since 2001, this year we decided to build a site around the results!
Welcome to Tennis Gharbi and its site!

Custom Partners

As Flexible as Possible

  • Pick your Partner from a list of suitable seeded players
  • Pick the partner of your choice as long as its in the suitable seed
  • Organizers will fix according to seeds
  • Do that early enough - deadline 2 days before start

Tournament Magic

Check your Category (R, G or Y) and Group (A or B)
then check schedule to know all your matches for the whole tournament!! Read More...


Welcome to  2008 Ramadan GSC Tennis Tournament! 

Check all the  information you need under the 'Tournament' menu item above.

Another Ramadan, Another Tournament!
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 20 September 2010 20:55

Tennis Gharbi GSC Egypt

 Welcome to Ramadan 2008 tournament!

We Start  Thursday 11th to Sunday 28th of September (11 to 28 Ramadan).

Check the Schedule to know all your matches time for the whole tournament!
Also Check  the Groups to find  your Team number : (R1 , G3 or Y2 )

Check  all Results for Round Robin, and the draw for the finals (Round of 16, QF, SF , Final). under Results / Draw

Please also check the Participants Contacts , is posted on the board at the club and here on the site, and add your phone number on the board  if its not already there....

The "Tournament "  pages, see menu above, should contain all needed info, regarding players teams, schedule, rules,etc...

Like last  year we are Red , Green and Yellow... bye bye A , B and C's.... and 2 levels only R and GY...

Best Wishes for an enjoyable tournament,

Thank you all!  

Last Updated on Monday, 20 September 2010 21:01

Final Rounds!

Finals are starting  Surprised  from Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 September 2008.

Laughing Good luck...

Iftar (and prizes) is on Sunday 28th!


Click at the very top of the page, on "open control panel" and please register your name!


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